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Bathandwa Ngwendu aka Gorgeous Bushman is inspired by the textures of the world around him. From his home in Kraaifontein, Cape Town, to his new home in the urban heart of Joburg. He is on a quest to see, do, make, and experience. A journey full of the thrill of curiosity and the joy of discovery.


A natural storyteller, versed in multiple mediums, from filmmaking, to creative direction, to podcasting, and image-making. He is on the hunt to explore the points of view of others and deliver empathetic narratives that remind us not just of what makes us unique, but of the things that bind us together.


His skills refuse to be confined to a single genre, working in everything from drama to comedy, satire to romance, to stories about people.


A keen collaborator, he has worked with beloved South African brands such as Savanna, Old Khaki, Panarottis and Sasko and Save the Children.

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