THE BRIEF: To welcome Director Jono Hall to Gentlemen Films.

THE IDEA: For each Director at Gentlemen to make one film. Featuring Jono.


Each Director was given: 

  • 90 minutes

  • 1 location 

  • R1,000

The rest was up to them. Enjoy!

'I didn't feel anything' directed by Greg Rom

Greg: "I discovered that one of Jono’s greatest fears is dancing in front of the camera. Enjoy."

Director – Greg Rom
DP – Brendan Barnes
Producer – Lawrence Goodman
Sound – Samantha Nell
Edit and Final Mix – Julian Redpath
Grade – Nic Apostoli
Online – Michael Naidoo
Music – ‘You’re High’ by Agar Agar (Crackirecords)

Special thanks to:
Jono Hall (for leaving it all on the floor), Mark Middlewick (for staying on the floor), Upstairs Ludus, Douglas Machogo, Ingrid Engelbrecht, and Mari Schultz

'Warp 9.9' directed by Travys Owen

Travys: "I wanted to suck Jono into this psychedelic world, twisting and turning him and then bringing him back again in his clean white suit and bowtie. Basically, I played around in After Effects, doing the weirdest, trippiest things I could! Disclaimer: May cause epileptic seizures."

Director/Edit/Grade/Post: Travys Owen
DP: Willie Nel
Music: Travys Owen & Ross Finck (

'The End is Nigh' directed by Mark Middlewick

Mark: "Growing up as a coddled boy in the Northern suburbs I loved Buddy Holly, zombies and ice-cream. So I figured I’d try and combine all of these passions into my dream commercial."


Director: Mark Middlewick
DP: Brendan Barnes
Producer: Lawrence Goodman
Wardrobe & Makeup: Kelly-Jean Gilbert
Special Effects Makeup: Stella Kalymnios & Menio Kalymnios
Edit: Julian Redpath
Grade & Final Mix: Samantha Nell
Online: Michael Naidoo
Voice Over: Melody Kaye
Music: ‘True Love Ways’ by Buddy Holly 

'Inside Voice' directed by Jono Hall

Jono: "When people ask me what I do for a living, I never really know what to say.  Now I can just show them this video." 

Director: Jono Hall
DP: Willie Nel
Producer: Bryony Webster
Sound: Samantha Nell
Edit and Final Mix: Julian Redpath
Grade: Nic Apostoli
Online: Michael Naidoo

Special thanks to:
Upstairs Ludus, Bryony Webster, Ingrid Engelbrecht, and Tsholofelo Mokomane