'Run for the Oceans 2021'


Client - Adidas

Global Brand Manager - Barry Johnston

Global Brand Manager Communications - Melissa Schmid

Sports Marketing - Spencer Nel & Howard Hahn

Senior creative shoot & Production Manager - Eleanor Fitzgerald

Senior Producer Adidas Creative Shoot - Jhonny Zurita

Global Social Media Manager - Michelle Keitel

Adidas Senior Producer - Paul Upton
Adidas Senior Producer - Faye Young

Adidas Producer - Franziska Marx
Adidas Producer - Franziska Lange

Agency - Brand Articulations

Creative DirectorDarren Cronje

Agency Head of TV - Stephanie Whitehead

Senior Producer - Janene Fitzgerald

Producer - Sigfrid Marine

Account Director - Tobin Kittoe

Account Manager - Robyn Ransmeier

Account Executive - Mark Van Geeman

Business Affairs Director - Nora Adams

Director - Greg Rom

Farm Executive Producer - Skip Margetts (Cape Town)

Gentlemen Producer - Tess Tambourlas (Cape Town)

Production Manager - York Pick (Cape Town)

Production Coordinator - Tougieda Albertyn (Cape Town)

DP - Michael Cleary (Cape Town)

Art Department - Kezia Eales (Cape Town)

AD - Bob Wilkins (Cape Town)

Key Wardrobe - Sylvia Van Heerden (Cape Town 2019)

Key Wardrobe - Estelle Gallagher (Cape Town 2020)

Hair and Make Up Artist - Talia Barak (Cape Town 2019)

Madrid & Barcelona 2020

24/7 Executive Producer - Ivo Van Vollenhoven

24/7 Producer - Monica Cristeto

DP - Maite Astiz

AD - 

AD to Lionel Messi - Jordi Castillo

Stylist - Paloma Faba

Make Up Artist - Rebeca Martîn Gimeno

Editor - Govert Janse

Visual Effects - MPC London

Visual Effects Supervisor - Mike Alexander

Colour Colourist - Matthieu Toullet